Craigs List screenshot

Ugly Websites Sell More

OK maybe it’s a bit of a stretch but the truth is that an ugly website can sell as well (if not better) than that gorgeous piece of online art you commissioned at great expense. And I’m going to get some flack for this from the Web Industry who spend countless hours making your beautiful […]

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SimplyFile Ribbon UI

Have you tried SimplyFile?

First up, apologies to you Mac users, this is a Windows product but I’m sure there’s something similar. A good friend of mine introduced me to SimplyFile when we were both implementing David Allen’s GTD. The basic premise is Do It Now (<2 minutes), schedule it or delegate it and SimplyFile does that and more. […]

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future computing

Simplifying Business with Custom Software

Remember the science fiction of the 1960s? Promises of a utopian future with technology helping us every step of the way – making our lives and our work easier than ever? On TV, Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, showed us a future where everyone worked harmoniously alongside some amazing technological devices taking care of […]

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